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Industrial Touch Screen Computers FT Serie

The TECHON7 brand, FoodTeq, is a modular series of Industrial Computers that ensures stable operation, easy repair, and high performance. They are equipped with a technology that is adapted to the requirements of the Food Industry, and thus can cope with many of the special tasks and the harsh environments that a consumer PC cannot.

FoodTeq has a wide product program within industrial computers for pharma and food production. These are robust solutions that can be used in all demanding environments from water to chemicals and dust. We offer robust solutions that meet the necessary specific requirements and with an optimized pricing structure. Our modular concept provides a short development time, a more streamlined product qualification, faster production, and lower costs.

7 strong reasons to choose FoodTeq FT-Series

as your next Industrial Touch Screen Computer


"In 2014, we changed our traditional 4:3 15" terminal to a 17" in 16:9. In this project, the now called TECHON7 was chosen as the supplier of the new food terminals. They have been the right choice of supplier for us as we influenced the choice of technology, and price has also been an important parameter for us. They have guided us throughout the process to make the right choices on components, to get the food terminals to match our strict requirements for products placed in our harsh environment.

The food terminals are available in different versions and are used in all kinds of tasks, from order management, monitoring, SCADA to dashboard etc.m. Our collaboration - now with TECHON7 - over the years has made them a competent and solid partner."

Thomas Page, Senior Director

Danish Crown, Factory Solutions